Thursday, February 4, 2016

Somerset Fly Fishing Show Recap

The Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, NJ is one of the biggest around and attracts tons of visitors and all the big fly fishing companies.  I made the 7 hour trip up to help Scott Hunter in the Vedavoo booth.  I was looking forward to the trip and being able to see some exciting new products that were due out on the market shortly.  It's always an epic time hanging with the Vedavoo brothers Scott and Joel but I was prepared for several epic moments during the weekend.  The weekend started with a late night road trip and plenty of pepperoni rolls and mellow yellow to cover the miles.  First day in Somerset was crazy at times lots of traffic and people checking out new gear.  It's great to see so many people come together for a common passion in fly fishing.  It's always great to be in the Vedavoo booth and see the passion and giving from Scott Hunter, a man that sees a cub scout and rewards him with a new pack with the promise he will reach Eagle Scout or just the giving he constantly does for Project Healing Waters with his Reel Service Project just being completed.  One of the highlights to start day two was waking up and seeing a VT car parked a couple spaces away at the hotel with a sticker on it a very cool thing to see!  Several products stand out over the weekend here is a recap of what stood out the most.

Vedavoo River Quiver - A storage pack for 4 piece rods.  The quiver will hold 4 9ft-10ft 4 piece rods.  With 4 rods and rolled up burrito style it makes it insanely hard to break.  Scott in a trip out west had one mailed back in nothing but a plastic bag with the rods suffering absolutely no issues.  It folds flat to easily fit into overhead storage compartments.
Waterworks Lamson Force SL Series II - This reel takes lightweight to a whole new level.  

Ross Reels Colorado LT - Ross will relaunch a favorite come April the Colorado series.  A lightweight, click and pawl, and large arbour reel.
Cohen's Creatures - Pat keeps adding to his tails and creatures.  One of the new items a double split tail looks like it will be fun to try on Musky.
Blue Halo - One of the vendors I was super excited to check out after hearing so much about their rods!  There RetroFlex II-C 3wt is one sweet 3wt.  Offers a nice glass look, super sensitive feel, and one great casting stick that will bend like nothing else!

Chota Outdoor Gear - Chota has out a new Hybrid Felt Soled Wading Shoe.  Looks to be lightweight, with good drainability, and super comfortable.

Jeff Currier Art - I've been a fan of Currier for a while not many get the chance to catch 300 plus species on a fly rod.  Jeff uses a sharpie to create absolute art on a cliff box.  My brookie turned out sweet!!

Towee Skiffs - The absolute perfect musky rig loaded with tons of great features that makes a day on the water slinging big flies a breeze.

Abel Reels - DeYoung and Larko designs on fly reels give absolute artwork to a reel truly a masterpiece!

Vedavoo Sling - Including brookie print by AD Maddox it becomes not only functional but also extremely cool looking!

River Song Nets and Vedavoo Net Bag - River Song Nets provide a truly awesome piece of craftsmanship a truly awesome net it pairs excellent with the Vedavoo net bag.
Photo courtesy of Vedavoo

Cheeky Fishing - A branch off from them Wingo Belts provide a fish skin wading belt that looks awesome in a brook trout skin!
Photo Courtesy of Cheeky Fishing

Team Vedavoo

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