Thursday, December 7, 2017

Fly Fishing Christmas Gift Ideas

The WVAngler Fly Fishing Christmas Gift Guide

Vedavoo has a couple great items that would be sure to fit in any anglers stocking.
The new Rod Holster is perfect for someone wanting to carry two rods or for re-rigging on the stream.
The Vedavoo License Holder is great for those waters like PA where you have to have your license showing while fishing can buckle it right onto your pack.

Glass is in right now Blue Halo just released the new Retroflex 3 Fiberlass Rods the 3wt looks to be another winner!!

More glass out there from Echo the Bad Ass Glass brings a cool glass rod you can chase predators with those musky and toothy critters.

Blane Chocklett has helped TFO design the Esox another toothy critter chaser.

Waterworks Lamson Guru Series II is perfect for throwing some meat or chasing bass.

Who doesn't love stickers Ty Hallock the sharpie king has some sweet stickers out for your Cliff Beast box. Ty Hallock Stickers 

Andrea Larko is always a sticker favorite but she has some sweet hats out this year.
Andrea Larko Hats 

Jessica Callihan has a few really fishy options for blank greeting cards.

Ryan Keene has some cool new stickers out.

Nate Karnes has a cool set of stickers including the brown tank.

Predator Fly Gear has some sweet musky skin 17 oz swillers 

The Elkfisher - Dave Breitmeier can provide you a gift card for a day on the water guided or some special hand tied flies.

River Tactical Flies will hook you up with a gift card and the flies you need.

The folks at Goat Head Gear have a cool product our called the spool clip to carry your tippet.

Risen Fly their briefcase box is perfect for meat and predator flies.

Always remember your local fly shop they always have gift cards!!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Fly Fishing Black Friday Bargains

Some awesome Black Friday Fly Fishing deals and Bargains!!

Vedavoo - New & Improved Gear for 2018

Ross Reels - All Evolution LT Reels 40% Off & Free Ground Shipping

Andrea Larko - (30% Off order over $25) Use Coupon code HOLIDAY17 at checkout 11/24-11/27

Risen Fly Deals -

River Tactical Flies - (25% off entire order) Use code "thankful" at checkout good till 11/28/17

Blue Halo Gear - (25% off order) Use code "blackfriday" good till 11/26/17

Goat Head Gear - (25% off orders) Spend a minimum of $25 and receive 25% off ends 11/27/17

Redington - 20% off all wading. Wader, Boots, Vest, & Accessories. Code blackfriday17 at Checkout

Mystic Outdoors - Reaper rod for $199.00

Hatch Outdoors - 25% Off headwear & hoodies use coupon code "HH25" at checkout ends 11/27

Chota Outdoor Gear - Free shipping with code "browntrout"

Vibe Kayaks - Up to $100 Off at participating local dealers & online deals

Predator Fly Gear - Free hat with performance shirt.  Code - HAT25

Why I Musky Fish

The muskellunge (Esox masquinongy) is the target of many fisherman. Musky fishing is not the easiest type of fishing at times especially when done with a fly rod.  Musky often are referred to as the fish of 10,000 casts. There’s been times when I often wondered if I’d catch another fish and at times I’d reach way over 10,000 casts with nothing not even a follow by a curious fish.  Casting 10-12” flies all day is hard fishing especially when your not catching anything.  I’ve sometimes sat in a boat and wondered what am I doing why am I even doing this what’s the point.  If it was to easy though what would be the challenge, what would drive us to become better and make us work that much harder to become that better fisherman.  The rewards of fly fishing for everyone is always different.  For some the reward may be just spending time on the water, fishing with a good buddy, the reward of a follow, or the actual take and landing a fish.  Musky are apex predators and will gobble up a tasty T-bone steak when presented in a good manner.  The why is easily explainable to have a Fish chase a Fly that’s bigger than the size of Fish some people catch creates an absolute rush.  Having a large fish follow, then glide after your fly on a figure 8 gives people the shakes that hunters are so commonly used to when a big buck gives them a case of the shakes.  That rush of emotions the case of the shakes that high you get when you finally have a fish come chasing after your fly.  The absolute flood of ecstasy when the fish takes you strip set and before you know it it’s in the net.  The celebration of a Musky on the fly is unlike any other high fives, euphoria, screaming jubilation, then the tribute of releasing the Fish to see another day!  That frustration, zero fish days, casting pain, and the elements mean nothing when that musky is in the net!  Landing a Musky gives a sense of intoxication like no other.  That sky-high sensation makes it easy to understand why one keeps going back for that fish we call a Musky!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Fishing Hats

What makes a fishing hat a fishing hat??

 We have hats for everything from function to style.  Hats that keep you dry and hats that block the sun and elements.  We have trucker hats and low profile hats.  We have hats for every company it seems out there you can match a hat with your rod, reel, or even fly boxes.  But what makes a hat a fishing hat for you?  For me it's not always the logo or the fit but what story the hat tells.  The sweat stains from hiking into the back country, the memory of that big fish, and trips with great friends while you were wearing it.  A good fishing hat is like a book it tells a story of awesome trips and fish that you will never forget.  Fishing Hats for me is my WVAngler hat and so many awesome NY trips with great friends, my first musky on the fly, or elk river spinner falls, and all those great WVAngler memories weather it be cleanups or tailgates! My Vedavoo hat with wade trips, several 20 inch smallies, and my first walleye on the fly.  My RepYourWater hat because wearing it makes me think of home Almost Heaven WV and all those brook trout Hines it's made into the back country, slaty fork and big browns and browns that never were found, and several fishing buddies!  The colors on a hat my grade, the stitching may fray, the smell may be rough but the memories it brings will make it a treasure that you will never want to part with.  Yes a fishing hat can be many things but what makes it a fishing hat is the fish, the trips, and all those memories that make it special!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Somerset Fly Fishing Show Recap

The Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, NJ is one of the biggest around and attracts tons of visitors and all the big fly fishing companies.  I made the 7 hour trip up to help Scott Hunter in the Vedavoo booth.  I was looking forward to the trip and being able to see some exciting new products that were due out on the market shortly.  It's always an epic time hanging with the Vedavoo brothers Scott and Joel but I was prepared for several epic moments during the weekend.  The weekend started with a late night road trip and plenty of pepperoni rolls and mellow yellow to cover the miles.  First day in Somerset was crazy at times lots of traffic and people checking out new gear.  It's great to see so many people come together for a common passion in fly fishing.  It's always great to be in the Vedavoo booth and see the passion and giving from Scott Hunter, a man that sees a cub scout and rewards him with a new pack with the promise he will reach Eagle Scout or just the giving he constantly does for Project Healing Waters with his Reel Service Project just being completed.  One of the highlights to start day two was waking up and seeing a VT car parked a couple spaces away at the hotel with a sticker on it a very cool thing to see!  Several products stand out over the weekend here is a recap of what stood out the most.

Vedavoo River Quiver - A storage pack for 4 piece rods.  The quiver will hold 4 9ft-10ft 4 piece rods.  With 4 rods and rolled up burrito style it makes it insanely hard to break.  Scott in a trip out west had one mailed back in nothing but a plastic bag with the rods suffering absolutely no issues.  It folds flat to easily fit into overhead storage compartments.
Waterworks Lamson Force SL Series II - This reel takes lightweight to a whole new level.  

Ross Reels Colorado LT - Ross will relaunch a favorite come April the Colorado series.  A lightweight, click and pawl, and large arbour reel.
Cohen's Creatures - Pat keeps adding to his tails and creatures.  One of the new items a double split tail looks like it will be fun to try on Musky.
Blue Halo - One of the vendors I was super excited to check out after hearing so much about their rods!  There RetroFlex II-C 3wt is one sweet 3wt.  Offers a nice glass look, super sensitive feel, and one great casting stick that will bend like nothing else!

Chota Outdoor Gear - Chota has out a new Hybrid Felt Soled Wading Shoe.  Looks to be lightweight, with good drainability, and super comfortable.

Jeff Currier Art - I've been a fan of Currier for a while not many get the chance to catch 300 plus species on a fly rod.  Jeff uses a sharpie to create absolute art on a cliff box.  My brookie turned out sweet!!

Towee Skiffs - The absolute perfect musky rig loaded with tons of great features that makes a day on the water slinging big flies a breeze.

Abel Reels - DeYoung and Larko designs on fly reels give absolute artwork to a reel truly a masterpiece!

Vedavoo Sling - Including brookie print by AD Maddox it becomes not only functional but also extremely cool looking!

River Song Nets and Vedavoo Net Bag - River Song Nets provide a truly awesome piece of craftsmanship a truly awesome net it pairs excellent with the Vedavoo net bag.
Photo courtesy of Vedavoo

Cheeky Fishing - A branch off from them Wingo Belts provide a fish skin wading belt that looks awesome in a brook trout skin!
Photo Courtesy of Cheeky Fishing

Team Vedavoo

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Top WVAngler Moments of 2015

7.  Finally had the opportunity to help out PPKTU during the Seneca Rocks cleanup.  It's always good being able to give back and clean up our streams!  The Seneca Rocks stretch may lack in fish but it's one of the coolest spots to fish with the rocks as your backdrop! 

6.  It is always a good time when you get to fish new waters and meet fellow WVAnglers on the stream.  Ran into fellow WVAnglers on trout stream, steelhead waters, the mighty Ohio, and even musky waters.  Got the opportunity to meet Casey, Caleb, Mike, Zach, Jonathan, and several others on the water.  Always great running into new fishing buddies!

5.  It is always great being a part of the Eric Workman Memorial Musky Tournament.  The tournament is always a special time that honors a true hero that gave his life protecting others.  This year was another record year for the tournament.

4.  2015 was another good year spent with good diversity with several different fish species on the fly rod.   In total 15 different species on the fly including musky, gar, smallmouth bass, and black crappie.  Had the opportunity to fish several new bodies of water including the New finally and ot a good taste of is smallies.  Also got lucky enough to be able to land one of my personal best brook trout.

3.  2015 had some great fishing moments and a lot of citation fish but one of the most memorable was a personal best Brook trout.  While helping out during the Seneca Rocks cleanup I was able to get in some time on the water.  The area had been slammed with rain so the streams were running pretty high and full, so what better time to break out the streamer box.  With and average size of 10 inches the biggest fish of the day that whacked a woolybugger was a true gem!!

2.  2015 also brought a new fishing buddy into the year.  My wife and I were blessed to be able to welcome our second daughter Isabella Rose into the world in January.

1.  In 2015 I was very lucky to be able to fill in for Scott Hunter of Vedavoo and help man the Vedavoo booth with Joel at the Lancaster Fly Fishing Show.  It was an awesome experience and truly great being able to represent such an awesomely made in the USA product.  Check out their awesome packs and gear a

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Brookies, Buggers, and Boulders

I finally got a Saturday off and was able to lend a hand at the annual stream cleanup put on by PPKTU at Seneca Rocks.  With several TU chapters , Boy Scouts from Morgantown, and some WVAnglers we were able to clean up a pile of trash!  By the time we were done and a few pepperoni rolls were consumed it was time to find some trout.  With recent rains the water was moving and there was a lot of it, pure whitewater in spots.  It was conditions that some don't look for but personally I was excited.  Conditions like these meant that it was a god time to breat out some streamers and wooly buggers, today was destined to be a day of Brookies, Buggers, and Boulders.  I knew if I could find a few seams and some slack water created by those big mountain boulders there would be some good sized fish willing to take a bugger!  Things started off slow but I was soon rewarded by a nicely colored Brookie.  With the skunk off it was time to get serious and go after some big fish.  The sun put a little bit of heat in the air made it perfect for wet wading and also perfect for a nice little blanket Caddis hatch.  The fish were on with the conditions and with the Caddis hatching they started getting aggressive and slamming the bugger or pheasant tail.  They stayed pretty aggressive to the bugger all day and fish were picked up in every good holding spot.  Some people get different joys out of fishing, some go nuts over a fish rising to a dry fly for me there is nothing better than a fish slamming a streamer especially if your fishing a light weight rod.  This day my old Orvis Silver Lable 3 wt was the rod of choice it's one of my first rods and still holds a special place in the collection especially when you take it out onto stream for an epic day.  Most people see heavy rains and streams flowing full and fast shy away me I just grab a fly box full of streamers and hold on sometimes you strike out but other times your rewarded with huge fish!  This was one of those days where the average Brookie was around the 9-10 inch range a day you can call a blessing and a success!