Monday, December 22, 2014 Top Moments of 2014

6. It was the year of the game changer.  The VEDAVOO TL Beast sling made fishing so much easier being able to have a bugger beast jr box handy made wading smallie streams and throwing big flies a cinch.  The fly of the year and my go to the game changer it took several different species of fish, so many big smallies, and personal best fish it was like having money in the bank and made a good year that much better!

5. Brookies was the name of the game this year.  It was great being able to chase them on some new waters and hiking after them in beautiful streams with good friends.  This year was one I found a new love for Cain!  I was very lucky to be able to have a rod built by Phil Smith of Vandalia Rod Works it's truly a special Brookie Rod.  Had fun breaking it in early in the year with Jonathan Paine in a duelin bamboo session.  There was a lot of brookies caught and some good solid fish!

4. Had a busy year and with weather I was able to only attend one fly fishing show.  I was lucky enough to be able to make the Fly Fishing Show in Lancaster PA. It was filled with some great vendors, awesome fly tiers, and big names in fly fishing. It was great to meet up with several guys including Nick Masteller of Keystone Flyfishing, Morgan Kupfer of TLTFF, and Joel LeMarco.  Even had the chance to run into some big name guys like the crew from Mossy Creek , Harold Harsh, Beau Beasley, Pat Cohen, and one of the best Bob Cluser.  Bob did an awesome presentation on warm water fly fishing the guy is a smallmouth legend!  Throw in being able to watch Joe Humphreys on the casting pond truly an epic time.  The highlight of the trip was being able to hang out in the Vedavoo booth with Scott Hunter and rep some of his truly awesome handmade in the USA Vedavoo gear!  I can't say enough about his awesome packs check them out at . 

3. This year on the water was a year of big fish and diversity.  I set out a goal to catch 15 different WV species of fish on the fly and easily made it to that as well as catching two personal best fish.  I was lucky enough to take two trophies on the Ohio River both on a game changer.  Early in the season I stuck a 20 inch smallmouth then mid season I landed a slug of a 26 inch hybrid.  As for the diversity a few fish I came up short on but managed 21 species of fish on the fly all from WV waters.  Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, Sauger, Sucker, White Bass, Skipjack, Black Crappie, Bluegill, Green Sunfish, Common Shiner, Drab Colored Rosyside Dace, Gar, Pumkinseed, Carp, Long Eared Sunfish, Shad, and Walleye.  Not a bad overall year!

2. It was a special experience getting to fish in the Eric Workman Memorial Musky Tournament.  Eric was truly a special person and a true hero that wore the WV State Police Uniform.  The conditions were tough and I got shutout but spending an evening win great WVAngler friends and telling stories about Eric is always a good time.  Throw in the fact that my good buddy Jonathan Paine took the biggest fish a monster 50" inch Musky!

1. Being able to spend Father's Day on the water with my baby girl and chase some blue gill is one of the best times I had all year.  Being able to share a fishing experience with a good friend, a kid or a loved one makes it that much more special on the water.  Being able to see the smile on my girls face is a time I won't forget!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Big Fish Big Fly

As the old saying goes bigger is always better.  We as humans like big things.  No matter if we are biggie sizing our food, going for the bigger car, the bigger tv, or wanting the bigger gift for Christmas we are obsessed with bigger things.  This year for me looking back was the year of the big fish.  I caught more citation and bigger fish than I have caught in years past.  

This year I never caught a smallmouth under 15 inches with the biggest being a monster 20 inch Ohio River brute.  I usually enjoy throwing some small poppers and picking up some average size fish and that I'm fine win.  Most of the year was spent throwing flies between the 5 and 10 inch range.  I relied on the 7 and 10wt rods, the Cheeky Mojo with a super smooth drag, big big tippet the biggest possible, and of course big flies.  Upscaled flies can be tough you might not catch tons of numbers but when you do it's more than likely memorable.  When your playing the go big or go home game your bound to be left with some moments you'd like to forget.  Yes there will be moments when the fish spooks because of the 20lb tippet, or loosing huge fish on thrown hooks (unfortunately this happened to many times), or just moments when you blow it under pressure and flat out miss the fish and the hook set.  This year I owe a lot of success to my gear the Sage One 7wt has been an absolute workhorse throwing some big flies match that with some 20lb Rio Tippet and Rio Smallmouth fly line and your ready to go.  Add in a bugger beast box loaded with some bug ugly flies that fits like a dream in e new Vedavoo sling and yor ready for a lot of success.  Speaking of success I can't say enough great things about Pat Cohen's creations his EP Game Changers were far and away magical on big fish.

Throwing a big game changer and watching a smallmouth just come out of cover and inhale it brings a rush to any angler.  The big flies like those game changers just make fish go nuts.  They are like feeding candy to Hybrids having a 25" monster inhale one as it smam through waters of the Ohio was another great moment and big fish memory of the year.  People talk about feeding candy to something and them going nuts the game changers did that for me.  I love throwing streamers especially when you have a visual take nothing beats that rush for me.  The Game Changer has became that big fish bait for me fishing it twitching it like it's an injured baitfish or even just a swim if minnow it does if all and just finds the fish .  Big fish want a big meal so when your wanting to catch the if one it always helps to biggie size.  Whe your throwing steamers try to upscale your fly and go up a few sizes and see if you get any reaction strikes and see if you can land a monster.  Big fish have hungry appetites so why not throw some huge flies and see if you can intice a big brown or smallmouth!  Small flies will catch big fish as well but big flies definitely get the attention of lunker fish and will create some wild reaction strikes!  Go big or go home!!  

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fly Fishing Gift Ideas

With Christmas under a month away most people are frantically searching for that perfect gift.  We have a few gift ideas for the fly fisherman as well as a few places to point you in the direction that will help.

Your hometown fly shop is one of the best places to look for those items on the Christmas list.  WV offers some great shops to check out Anglers Xstream in Parkersburg, Serenity Now Outfitters in Lewisburg, Elk Springs located near Monterville, Evergreen in Clarksburg, and McFly Outdoors with a few locations including Flatwoods.  There is also a few great shops that border us South River Fly Shop in Waynesboro - VA, Mossy Creek Fly Shop in Harrisonburg - VA, and Mad River Outfitters in Columbus - OH.  Fly shops provide great and personal service from people that truly understand these products.  They understand the local area as well as hatches and can suggest the flies or gear needed for area streams.  They all offer a great selection of rods, reels, waders, and tying gear.  If gear is not your answer you can always get a guide trip from one of them for anything from trout to bass to musky.  Another great guide is Harold Harsh from Spring Creek Outfitters that always shows a great time on the water.  

If you don't want to pick something out gift cards are always a favorite item for all.  You can get a gift card from one of the fly shops mentioned above or even manufactures offer one.  A few other places that offer a great idea would be Harman's Log Cabins offer great packages to stay on the South Branch as does Elk Springs on the Elk.  They both offer top notch accommodations with good fishing just out the front door.  Another place that offers gift cards to stay is one of the many WV State Parks a couple of the best Kumbrabow and Watoga.  For the fisherman looking to replicate that trophy Mount'n Critters Taxidermy would offer gift cards for a one of a kind reproduction!  

There are some great products available for the fly fisherman this Christmas and we will focus on a few.  

Vedavoo has the Little Bugger Kids Sling for the little fisherman in your family.  A kid sling pack with room for a fly box, tippet, tools, and snacks.

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Vedavoo Mason Jar Coozie - Its a mug style Coozie that comes with with a Pint Mason Jar.  Insulated for hot or cold or those extra cold frosty beverages and made in the USA to last!
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Chota STL Plus - Features enhanced styling, and durability while the comfort and stability is retained.  One of the most durable boots on the market.
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Goat Head Sole Spikes - Screw in cleats for sandals, shoes, and of course wading boots.  Traction control for those slippery streams!
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Cheeky Fly Fishing Mojo 425 - extremely versatile reel that handles everything from e salt to the stream.  Super smooth drag that handles those big runs on steelhead, hybrids, and musky!
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Risen Fly Alpha Fly Line - perfect fly line for any level of angler.  Comes in line wts from 3-9.  One of the best valued fly lines on the market.
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Super Fly EP Game Changers - Pat Cohen ties up these awesome game changers by stacking EP fivers then coloring them up with markers.  The go to fly for me this year!
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The Fly Stop - Great selection of flies for any type of fishing.  Not only tons of flies but some of the most affordable you will find.
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MFC Poly Boxes - Great for small flies to a big collection of patterns.  Awesome artwork on each box from artists like Currier and Pucket.
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Rep Your Water Hats -  One of the newest edition to the Rep Your water collection is the WV.  Representing native trout they offer a stunning hat!
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Friday, November 28, 2014

Truly Thankful

During this time of Thanksgiving allows you to look back and reflect on life and the past year and how life truly blesses us each day!  This year has been a fishing year for the record books for me.  First off I've been blessed with a great family and an amazing wife and beautiful daughter that fully deals with my absolute obsession with fly fishing.  They put up with my need to be on the water and constantly trying to catch some type of fish with a fly.  This year it seems like I've logged more days on the water and it allowed me to get back to my roots and my love for big smallmouth bass, it never gets old hooking into one and have them burn drag and explode out of the water a truly special fish.  

Secondly I am truly thankful for the fly fishing goals I've been able to achieve this year.  This year I set a few goals to start the year and wasn't sure if I would ever reach them.  Not only did I reach these goals but I was truly blessed and was able to fly past them.  I love the whole diversity of fish on a fly rod, and can't help look up to people like Jeff Currier that has taken more species on a fly than probably anyone ever.  I started this year with a goal of 15 WV species on the fly and figured I may have a chance to come near that but thought it'd be a tough battle to achieve that number.  The cold water side of things got the first attention with lots of brookies, bows, and bowns caught.  The warm water which it seems I spent more time on this year was amazing catching everything from hybrids, to smallies, suckers, saugers and carp on the fly.  With the whole month of December left I've truly been humbled to be able to land 21 different species from WV waters.  I've caught fish that were citations, and personal best, and finally just got my first walleye.  We always look at the ones that got away as I will be haunted after a fish fish was lost and a few tough trips but can't help being beyond thankful to have been able to reach these goals.  

Thirdly I've been very fortunate to have been able to share the water with some great friends and family.  I've always said the experience is sometimes more rewarding then the fishing.  There were some awesome times on Brookie streams, floats in musky waters with crazy follows, farm pond bluegill, and small stream smallie fishing.  Thankful I was able to have one of my best fishing moments ever in taking my daughter out in Father's Day and chasing blue gills.  Times with friends on the water is always one of the best times!

Lastly I'm thankful to be able to use some great gear that makes a day on the water so much better.  Thanks to the amazing building skills of Phil Smith of Vandalia Rodworks I was able to chase some brookies with a beautiful cane rod.  My friend Scott Hunter always goes above and beyond in making some exceptional packs.  I was thankful to get a quick delivery of his TL bugger beast pack that holds everything I need for any type of fishing.  Goat head sole spikes that help keep a clumsy guy standing on two feet in some seriously slippery stram bottoms.  To go along with those spikes Chota wading boots which for a person that can be hard on gear have been more durable than anything I've ever tried.  Awesome companies like Cheeky that makes a seriously smooth reel in their Mojo 425 that I put to the test a few times.  Thankful for Risen Fly and their awesome reels and one of the best guys out there in Ryan Gouldsbarry to do business with.  I can't forget Cliff Boxes as they hold any fly I need and can put in a box!  

Truly am thankful to by our lord and savior to be given the health and life to enjoy these amazing things he has created.  And so many special places in WV to fish!  Faith, family, and fly fishing leaving you thankful indeed!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Redemption when we look at Webster's definition it's the act of making something better.  The bible talks about redemption as paying a price for something.  In order to be redeemed a payment has to be received to gain possession of something.  Yesterday I was loaded with the Vedavoo Bugger Beast and the big flies, Sage One 7wt, Risen Fly Reel, Rio Smallmouth Line, and of course a game changer fly.  Action started slow as I waded down the creek hitting all the fishy spots that usually hold a good fish.  It's great being able to wet wade in nearly October you have to love this time of year and fall.  The cool morning seemed to have fish lethargic and slow going to start but once the air warmed up and the sun was on the water the fish were cruising the shallows.  I found a stud of a smallmouth and after a big cast wham fish on but as quick as the first run he was gone.  So I move up to the head of the pool and another solid fish is cruising around and in no time enhales the fly next strip set wham the drag is screaming but unfortunately the hook pops out.  Two solid fish hooked up in the 17-19 inch range and nothing to show.  I've lost way to many big fish this year including one 20 plus monster that still haunts me.  I was feeling degected and felt like my streamer skills were gone and wonderd if I had lost something.  So turn the page to today and I took another shot at some local water and like yesterday once the sun got going they we're cruising the shallows again.  My debut was paid yesterday and I was looking for redemption.  I strung up the setup again with my trusty game changer again and laid out a huge cast in the vicinity of where three smallies were cruising.  In no time like yesterday whack inhalation again and strip set and the drag was going and the rod bent.  Unlike yesterday the hook was buried and we were gaining ground. It looks like that debt paid to those bass was accepted because a stud smallie was laying at my feet.  I could have packed it in but you have to fight through those bad moments and those times that look bleak and look for redemption and keep working.  Thankfully this hookup ended good and the hook stayed buried until I had the chance to remove it! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Confidence and Game Changing

One of the most important aspects of fishing is confidence.  You must have confidence in the flies you are using and confidence in the plan you have.  If you don't have that confidence you will either fold early or not stick with it.  When you know something will work and you stick with it chances are it will eventually pay off for you.  I have been using a couple products lately that's helped with my confidence and helped change the game.  First off Vedavoo chest packs have made fishing so much easier being able to have gear right there when you need it and have it out of the way when fishing is hot has been key!  The other thing that's changed the game is the game changer itself created by Blane Chocklett and the version I'm using tied up by Pat Cohen of  This fly has changed the way I fish and increased my confidence level going out I just know I'm going to get a shot at a good fish with it in the arsenal!  It triggers some insane takes and brings the big fish up to feed I've taken numerous citation and personal best fish with this fly this year alone, it's became my go to fly the bread and butter in my box.  The last few days the Ohio River fish have been giving me fits I've missed tons of solid fish on hook set for whatever the reason, last night I left after missing a few and today started the same way.  I took a break today after getting down and wondering if I still had it in me and if my skills were even there to get it done.  After a short break I put all those missed fish behind me and trusted my gear and had faith in the plan.  Being a Christian this is something we do each day no matter how far down we get we trust Gods plan and stick to the plan he has set forth and put our faith that it will work out, maybe that's why Christ went to fisherman to be disciples they are all about the plan.  Well after the break and putting that faith into the plan after a few casts a solid fish inhales the game changer and drag is screaming.  I never even got a look at the fish he was pulling off line in a hurry and headed down the hydolics with mo stopping in sight.  Sometimes people question the gear I use and wonder why I gear up with a 10wt TFO rod and a huge Cheeky Mojo 425 line up with 400gr Rio sink tip, it's times like these I'm glad I do when I'm targeting monster fish.  Not even getting a look at the fish I wasn't even sure what I was hooked into and even if I could turn him with the swift water that he was sticking in.  We were into the backing in no time which brought a whole new set of problems the backing got gunked up and stuck so we were at a crossroads get him turned and some line back on the reel or it's over.  Finally we were gaining some on the fish and winning the battle as we were finally getting him into some calmer water.  After a few minutes he was finally at my feet and taped out at 26" a huge Hybrid Striped Bass out of the mighty Ohio a citation fish in WV and a new personal best on a fly!  Keep the faith in your game plan and have the confidence in what your fishing and it will eventually pay off for you in the end!  

Friday, August 22, 2014

Vedavoo TL Beast Sling

When I found out in March Scott Hunter the creative mind behind Vedavoo packs was making a sling pack that would hold a Cliff Outdoors Bugger Beast Jr box I was excited like a kid at Christmas with anticipation of its release.  There is not a lot of packs that can be used for musky fishing and big flies minus a backpack.  Not only does it hold the bugger beast jr measuring 10" x 6.5" x 2.75" which fits in it perfectly it also has enough anchors and tab loops for all the tools you need, a built in tippet holder on front of the pouch, a secondary zipper compartment for things like keys or weight, and it also has an insulated bottle sleeve to hold your water below the pouch.  The TL Beast covers that nitch of packs as it holds all that you need to chase predators, big musky, stripers, or even trout.  It's one of those packs that hold all you need but remains comfortable and highly functional for every type of fishing condition you're faced with.  Scott spent two years perfecting the design of this pack to ensure that the load will stay on your back and that the pack would remain functional and out of the way when fishing.  The pack fits perfectly and snug on your back it has the comfort and feel of a backpack and holds a ton of gear like one.  The difference however is in the function the packs swings around putting your fly box tools, and water bottle all at your fingertips for super easy access.  Fishing for multiple species of fish on the fly the sling is perfect for all my fishing needs and with the change of a different bugger beast box it's ready for any type of fly fishing it's faced with.  If I had to choose one pack that I would have to fish day in and day out for any type of fish this would be the one I would go with it's truly a game changer.  Having put several days fishing for different fish with this pack it's been super comfortable and more than functional.  Throw in the fact it's made in America from American woven corduroy fabrics, hard wear, sraps, closures, and even thread how can you go wrong.  If you want a pack to chase Musky with or a sling that will hold it all check out Vedavoo and the TL Beast sling!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Merica Day

The 4th of July was fast approaching and my family had some rare time off together.  The brother-in-law was wanting to do some camping and fly fishing and I was wanting to take my baby girl to Kumbrabow State Forest for the first time.  With the holiday fast approacing we weren't sure if we'd get a site but we packed up the gear and headed off early in the morning for the mountains of Randolph County!  We arrived early in the morning and were surprised to find a site for the night so we hurried and claimed it and In no time camp was setup and we were enjoying some time in the beautiful state park.  
It didn't take long to come up with a fishing plan of attack.  We figured fishing an evening session we would split up and fish some different water I'd go high and the brother-in-law and father-in-law would go low.  It was great to see their enthusiasium for wild trout my brother-in-law has been bit with the bug bad and was excited to get into some wild fish and my father-in-law starting out was just happy to be out.  We talked fly selection with brookies at times you don't have to make it to complicated, a good attractor or this time of year a terrestrial fly will do great.  So the 3wt Vandalia Bamboo rod was strung up and a nicely visible beetle was tied on and we were in the water and fishing.  For an early July day a low 60 water temp felt great especially wet wading the Chota sandals came in handy.  It didn't take long just a couple casts and I was into my first fish a nice colored up native brook trout.  This stream thankfully is not stocked and is supported by a wild population.  Currently the WV Division of Natural Resources Park and Wildlife Section, in partnership with the WV Division of Forestry, West Virginia University, and the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture, are improving trout habitat in the creek.  This project should improve trout habitat and the quality of fishing in the future.  
Running into a few fisherman ahead of me instead of leap frogging I yielded to them and headed to a section just below where I knew a few good pools were located.  I figured we'd switch things up with a nice cricket pattern and maybe it'd temp a few fish out for a nice evening snack.  To my pleasure the rod was bent in no time and another Brookie was at hand.  I knew it was  nap time for the kid so I had some quality time at hand to take my time and work this section of river good.  It seemed every nice pool had a willing fish that was happy to eat a cricket and before you knew it we were catching fish like crazy it's hard to complain when your on a beautiful mountain stream and even harder when your catching tons of fish.  The guys that fished the lower section didn't have as much luck we thought they may have fished behind someone which always makes small stream fishing that much more difficult!  Two big things for success on a stream like this to me is first make sure you use a stealthy approach so the fish do not see you and fish fresh water that has not been covered.  After a meeting back at camp and some tasty campfire cooked food the plan was to put the brother-in-law on some fish.  Sometimes watching someone else catch fish and see their excitement is just as good as fishing.  We figured we'd put him on a couple runs close to camp as we knew they hadn't been covered.  It took a few drifts but the 3wt was bending and another Brookie fell victim to a cricket pattern.  We managed several more fish but seeing him get into some wild fish and my daughter enjoy some time camping in one of my favorite places made the trip catching a few just added some icing to an already great trip!  It's always great to spend time on a nice mountain stream with the ones you love.  

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dueling Bamboo

Blonde or Brunette
First Brookie on the Blonde Bamboo
I start this blog post with one question Blonde or Brunette??  Schedules are a hard thing to line up at times with work, family, and other activities so when my good friend Jonathan Paine's and my schedule lines up and I have the chance to fish with him I jump at it.  Phil Smith owner of Vandalia Rodworks had built both of us a mystery taper 6' 6" 2wt bamboo rod that we were both dying to try out on some brook trout.  I started off and lined up the new rod with some Rio Perception fly line and let me say its slick and throws a great line I was impressed with the first time having it out a truly great line they have developed.  The fly boxes were all packed up and the new and really awesome Vedavoo tightlines sling pack was loaded and the plans were ready first thing in the morning I was headed to Elkins to meet up for a Good Friday brookie mission.  We weren't completely sure on what stream to hit but figured we would trout bum it and bounce from stream to stream and see what we could find and hopefully get into some good fish on dry flies.  The water for this time of year was low and clear, a lot lower than it normally is for this time of year and with the colder temps the water was still pretty cool.  Starting off with the new cane rod we had to start off with a first fish a brookie on a dry so what better fly to pick out of the box then a good trusty stimulator.  I missed a good fish right off the back and action seemed like it was going to be slower than it normally was for this area but the dry fly was going to make it happen.
 Moments later in a nice slick I skated the stimulator across the water and my best fish of the day inhaled it.  Nothing like a beautiful mountain stream a can rod in had a dry fly on and sharing a good first fish with a great friend the day was already a success.  We continued our way upstream and landed several more beautiful mountain trout WV's native brookie!  We jumped over to a new stream and flies were coming off in good numbers especially some blue quills and brookies were rising already and a lot more active than they were to start the day, the sun gave some good warmth to the water.  They were still taking the stimulator with reckless abandonment.  We both got into scuds of fish and Paine got into on really nice wild rainbow trout our first of those of the day.  Its hard to beat a day when the brookies are rising especially when you get to break in such an amazingly built rod.  Some people may prefer brunettes but I must say my blonde is one beautiful piece of art and they always do say blondes are better

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Risen Fly ITB Rod

Time for another product review!  Our friends at Risen Fly recently gave me the opportunity to test out their new prototype rod the ITB.  It is a 9ft 5wt rod that is listed as a mid flex rod.  I have a great deal of respect for Ryan and the company he has created so I was super excited to get this rod in my hands and see what it truly offered.  I was pleasantly surprised to find it packed away in a cool triangle rod to prevent it from rolling around when your in route to water.  I was also impressed with the price point of this rod priced at $140 including the rod tube and a lifetime warranty it puts it in very comparable to a lot of the Temple Fork rods that never offer the tube with the rod. 
The rod is a nice graphite in a bold burnt orange color with brown/orange wrappings that give it a very unique and cool look!  Well after finally getting it lined up with some Risen Fly Alpha line and pairing it up with the Risen Fly Ichthus fly reel it was ready to hit the water.  Colder temps being in the area I figured my best chance to get the rod into some fish was on the Elk River. 

Elk River Brown
I put it in some different situations to see how it would cast and handle flies and from nymphs, to streamers, and even dries it did great.  The browns even enjoyed the buggers we were swinging by them.  The rod casts very smoothly.  It truly feels like a nice midflex rod with good action with some good sensitivity I am a fan of rods with a lot of action and full flex I was impressed with the action of this rod it felt noodly enough to where I like it but yet gave enough back bone to lay out a good cast and handle some weight with streamers or nymphs.  Casts in the 30 range are a breeze and munch longer are not bad either the rod handles all situations!  Having had it out several times I am pleased with how the rod handles with all types of conditions and ready to put it to work on some bass and blue gill action.  For the price of this and the warranty as well as the type of people they are at Risen Fly you can no go wrong with the price tag and value of this rod!  Check them out online at they also offer some awesome reels, fly line, and boxes all at great prices.
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Check out our good friends at

Monday, February 10, 2014

Vedavoo Daypack

Time for another gear review.  Last year I was looking for a do it all kind of pack that would cover all areas that I wanted to use it.  I had seen the teaser pick on Instagram and I was excited with the possibilities of this new pack.  I looked to no other than Scott Hunter at Vedavoo after I seen his post and after I had used so many of his handcrafted made in the USA products.  I had several things I wanted this pack to be able to handle the first being a hospital visit and ready to go on demand when the wife was ready go into labor.  For this first design area it needed to be able to hold a few days worth of clothes some basic necessities and also the laptop and camera for those first baby shots and uploads!  The next design area I needed was for it to be a diaper bag or a man bag if you want to call it.  I found no diaper bags that really fit my lifestyle and they all looked a little to feminine to meet my needs anyways.  So I needed a bag that would be able to handle a few diapers, some baby toys, food, a change of clothes, baby necessities, and of course some of dads toys for the day. 

Thirdly I wanted a bag that would allow us as a family to throw what we needed into it for a day hiking or even what we need for a quick family getaway. The last thing and importantly I needed a good designed fishing bag that would be able to handle a few miles into the back country, a quick trip to the farm pond, or just a day on the trout waters with all the gear tucked away.  After putting the bag to the test in all areas its performed great and beyond my expectations.  It is roomy enough to hold everything I need weather it be a day as Mr Mom, hiking, a WVAngler trip with the laptop, or just a day of fishing.  It's faced Annie May on a day out with it, Lake Erie Steelhead, a night getaway thanks to snow of course, and just some great streamer fishing on the Elk!  Scott puts amazing work into all his products and never misses a detail and is a true professional to work with from every aspect of the build.  The Vedavoo Daypack truly gets 5 stars from me and will continue to be used in every aspect of my life.  If you want a high quality hand crafted made in the USA pack to meet your fishing demands or just every day life or life as a new dad give Scott a call I am sure Vedavoo can help you out!