Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Confidence and Game Changing

One of the most important aspects of fishing is confidence.  You must have confidence in the flies you are using and confidence in the plan you have.  If you don't have that confidence you will either fold early or not stick with it.  When you know something will work and you stick with it chances are it will eventually pay off for you.  I have been using a couple products lately that's helped with my confidence and helped change the game.  First off Vedavoo chest packs have made fishing so much easier being able to have gear right there when you need it and have it out of the way when fishing is hot has been key!  The other thing that's changed the game is the game changer itself created by Blane Chocklett and the version I'm using tied up by Pat Cohen of rusuperfly.com.  This fly has changed the way I fish and increased my confidence level going out I just know I'm going to get a shot at a good fish with it in the arsenal!  It triggers some insane takes and brings the big fish up to feed I've taken numerous citation and personal best fish with this fly this year alone, it's became my go to fly the bread and butter in my box.  The last few days the Ohio River fish have been giving me fits I've missed tons of solid fish on hook set for whatever the reason, last night I left after missing a few and today started the same way.  I took a break today after getting down and wondering if I still had it in me and if my skills were even there to get it done.  After a short break I put all those missed fish behind me and trusted my gear and had faith in the plan.  Being a Christian this is something we do each day no matter how far down we get we trust Gods plan and stick to the plan he has set forth and put our faith that it will work out, maybe that's why Christ went to fisherman to be disciples they are all about the plan.  Well after the break and putting that faith into the plan after a few casts a solid fish inhales the game changer and drag is screaming.  I never even got a look at the fish he was pulling off line in a hurry and headed down the hydolics with mo stopping in sight.  Sometimes people question the gear I use and wonder why I gear up with a 10wt TFO rod and a huge Cheeky Mojo 425 line up with 400gr Rio sink tip, it's times like these I'm glad I do when I'm targeting monster fish.  Not even getting a look at the fish I wasn't even sure what I was hooked into and even if I could turn him with the swift water that he was sticking in.  We were into the backing in no time which brought a whole new set of problems the backing got gunked up and stuck so we were at a crossroads get him turned and some line back on the reel or it's over.  Finally we were gaining some on the fish and winning the battle as we were finally getting him into some calmer water.  After a few minutes he was finally at my feet and taped out at 26" a huge Hybrid Striped Bass out of the mighty Ohio a citation fish in WV and a new personal best on a fly!  Keep the faith in your game plan and have the confidence in what your fishing and it will eventually pay off for you in the end!  

Friday, August 22, 2014

Vedavoo TL Beast Sling

When I found out in March Scott Hunter the creative mind behind Vedavoo packs was making a sling pack that would hold a Cliff Outdoors Bugger Beast Jr box I was excited like a kid at Christmas with anticipation of its release.  There is not a lot of packs that can be used for musky fishing and big flies minus a backpack.  Not only does it hold the bugger beast jr measuring 10" x 6.5" x 2.75" which fits in it perfectly it also has enough anchors and tab loops for all the tools you need, a built in tippet holder on front of the pouch, a secondary zipper compartment for things like keys or weight, and it also has an insulated bottle sleeve to hold your water below the pouch.  The TL Beast covers that nitch of packs as it holds all that you need to chase predators, big musky, stripers, or even trout.  It's one of those packs that hold all you need but remains comfortable and highly functional for every type of fishing condition you're faced with.  Scott spent two years perfecting the design of this pack to ensure that the load will stay on your back and that the pack would remain functional and out of the way when fishing.  The pack fits perfectly and snug on your back it has the comfort and feel of a backpack and holds a ton of gear like one.  The difference however is in the function the packs swings around putting your fly box tools, and water bottle all at your fingertips for super easy access.  Fishing for multiple species of fish on the fly the sling is perfect for all my fishing needs and with the change of a different bugger beast box it's ready for any type of fly fishing it's faced with.  If I had to choose one pack that I would have to fish day in and day out for any type of fish this would be the one I would go with it's truly a game changer.  Having put several days fishing for different fish with this pack it's been super comfortable and more than functional.  Throw in the fact it's made in America from American woven corduroy fabrics, hard wear, sraps, closures, and even thread how can you go wrong.  If you want a pack to chase Musky with or a sling that will hold it all check out Vedavoo and the TL Beast sling!