Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Redemption when we look at Webster's definition it's the act of making something better.  The bible talks about redemption as paying a price for something.  In order to be redeemed a payment has to be received to gain possession of something.  Yesterday I was loaded with the Vedavoo Bugger Beast and the big flies, Sage One 7wt, Risen Fly Reel, Rio Smallmouth Line, and of course a game changer fly.  Action started slow as I waded down the creek hitting all the fishy spots that usually hold a good fish.  It's great being able to wet wade in nearly October you have to love this time of year and fall.  The cool morning seemed to have fish lethargic and slow going to start but once the air warmed up and the sun was on the water the fish were cruising the shallows.  I found a stud of a smallmouth and after a big cast wham fish on but as quick as the first run he was gone.  So I move up to the head of the pool and another solid fish is cruising around and in no time enhales the fly next strip set wham the drag is screaming but unfortunately the hook pops out.  Two solid fish hooked up in the 17-19 inch range and nothing to show.  I've lost way to many big fish this year including one 20 plus monster that still haunts me.  I was feeling degected and felt like my streamer skills were gone and wonderd if I had lost something.  So turn the page to today and I took another shot at some local water and like yesterday once the sun got going they we're cruising the shallows again.  My debut was paid yesterday and I was looking for redemption.  I strung up the setup again with my trusty game changer again and laid out a huge cast in the vicinity of where three smallies were cruising.  In no time like yesterday whack inhalation again and strip set and the drag was going and the rod bent.  Unlike yesterday the hook was buried and we were gaining ground. It looks like that debt paid to those bass was accepted because a stud smallie was laying at my feet.  I could have packed it in but you have to fight through those bad moments and those times that look bleak and look for redemption and keep working.  Thankfully this hookup ended good and the hook stayed buried until I had the chance to remove it!