Monday, February 10, 2014

Vedavoo Daypack

Time for another gear review.  Last year I was looking for a do it all kind of pack that would cover all areas that I wanted to use it.  I had seen the teaser pick on Instagram and I was excited with the possibilities of this new pack.  I looked to no other than Scott Hunter at Vedavoo after I seen his post and after I had used so many of his handcrafted made in the USA products.  I had several things I wanted this pack to be able to handle the first being a hospital visit and ready to go on demand when the wife was ready go into labor.  For this first design area it needed to be able to hold a few days worth of clothes some basic necessities and also the laptop and camera for those first baby shots and uploads!  The next design area I needed was for it to be a diaper bag or a man bag if you want to call it.  I found no diaper bags that really fit my lifestyle and they all looked a little to feminine to meet my needs anyways.  So I needed a bag that would be able to handle a few diapers, some baby toys, food, a change of clothes, baby necessities, and of course some of dads toys for the day. 

Thirdly I wanted a bag that would allow us as a family to throw what we needed into it for a day hiking or even what we need for a quick family getaway. The last thing and importantly I needed a good designed fishing bag that would be able to handle a few miles into the back country, a quick trip to the farm pond, or just a day on the trout waters with all the gear tucked away.  After putting the bag to the test in all areas its performed great and beyond my expectations.  It is roomy enough to hold everything I need weather it be a day as Mr Mom, hiking, a WVAngler trip with the laptop, or just a day of fishing.  It's faced Annie May on a day out with it, Lake Erie Steelhead, a night getaway thanks to snow of course, and just some great streamer fishing on the Elk!  Scott puts amazing work into all his products and never misses a detail and is a true professional to work with from every aspect of the build.  The Vedavoo Daypack truly gets 5 stars from me and will continue to be used in every aspect of my life.  If you want a high quality hand crafted made in the USA pack to meet your fishing demands or just every day life or life as a new dad give Scott a call I am sure Vedavoo can help you out!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

If I Could Fish Wish One Person ??

If I could fish with one person for a day is a question I recently asked on WVAngler social media.  It sparked an interesting response with several different answers.  So many answers immediately jump through my head when I first thought of it and it was hard to narrow it down.  I am very lucky to have been able to share so much time on the water with so many great people in so many different areas.  To fish with people that have taught me so much and helped me truly learn so much about fishing and the art of fly fishing.  When I think of time on the water I look back at what Charles K. Fox said, "The angler forgets most of the fish he catches, but he does not forget the streams and lakes in which they are caught."   Time getting out and getting on the water is one thing but where your at and who you are with make a day really and truly special.  Looking back I can not think of a person I would rather spend time on the water with than my father.  My dad is one that truly has gave back all his life from helping with the boy scouts, volunteering with the WV cancer camp for children, helping with church functions, he always made time to spend with me in the great outdoors!  A man that battled colon caner and won and remains cancer free for 33 amazing years I am truly blessed he won this battle and God gave me so many years I could spend with him. I still remember one of the first big trips he took me on to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area where we canoed and canoed for days only to see him put me in a spot as such a small child to catch some big smallmouth bass.

  Dad helped create me into the fisherman I am today weather it be a trip with the boy scouts to the South Branch, an early morning trout adventure, or even driving hours to a place like the Little Red River in Arkansas he was always there to pilot the way and help along the way, he even put my first fly rod in my hand his old Martin Fiberglass Fly Rod that I took some of my first fish on.  If I had to choose one person my father would be at the top of the list for sure.  But who else would be on that list the choices and the options are immense!  First I never pass up a good adventure with any of my WVAngler brother whether it be Dave Breitmeier, Jonathan Paine, Zach Adkins, Chad See, or any of the other members who I consider brothers I would fish anywhere with them!   Two WVAnglers that are looking down from above Eric Workman and Gary Pase would always be two people that would be so great to be able to fish with and spend some time with again.  Next looking at some big name fishing names that I have always looked up to.  Bob Clouser and his passion for smallmouth and that clouser minnow, Joe Humphreys and his great tight line nymping techniques, Jeff Currier the guy has caught 300 species of fish on the fly just unreal, John Geirach who wouldn't want to share a day with him on the water, Rebekka Redd and her love for Pike on the fly, Scott Hunter the founder of Vedavoo and a good dude, and finally Brian Price and Ken Capsey from Vermont Fly Guys there just toothy fishing machines.  Its hard to just make a short list and not leave anyone out but one person to walk a brook trout stream and just talk with would be Jesus I am sure you would learn so much fishing and beyond!  So the question is who would you fish with if you could fish with one person for a day??  No matter who you chose or where you fish who you share it with sometimes becomes so much more important than the fish!