Friday, March 23, 2012

Farm Pond Time

Well it's definitely been a March weather wise that's been way warmer than we are used to. Had some time after work and a short window with some good weather before the rain rolled in. So I headed to a local farm pond. The bass and the blue gills were hanging out in good numbers on the surface. So tied on a nice little popper and went to work. First fish was by far the best bass of the day and it didn't take long to pick him up. The short time I was there the gills nearly tore up the little popper. Ended up with a couple good bass and a dozen chunk blue gills! Great evening on the water with a constant bend in the 3wt. You just got to love these warm March temps for fishing.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Lady

Sometimes when you head to a stream catching fish is just an extra bonus! This past Saturday was one of those days! Got the opportunity to fish The Lady with a few great WVAngler friends Zach Adkins(McFishin), Jonathan Paine(Brookie), and C.D. Caldwell(ccaldwell). The Elk was slow to start the day but it managed to give everyone a good taste of Elk River butter! It was great to be back on the place that many call the high church and seeing the elkfisher himself. The Elk has taught me so much over the years gave me many truly great friends that I can call brothers, and even gave my WVAngler website its roots. The great thing about being on the river at times even on a day you don't catch a ton it still ends up being an epic great day. It's a place where there is amazing hatching the black stones were popping and huge browns and rainbows, but what makes it that much more special is a brotherhood found there the friends of the Elk. Days like these I could spend hours with great friends sharing the day and stories from days passed gone by. The Elk will always be a special place not always for the fish it provides for me but for the family that's always found there. I will always be proud to call myself a friend of the Elk!