Sunday, October 6, 2013

Butter For More Than Breakfast!

Some butter in the back country
Since I heard the news Redington was coming out with a new fiberglass rod offering I was pretty stoked to say the least.  I counted down the days as I figured this rod would be a perfect choice for back country fishing and for small farm ponds.  They hit the name right with it when they called it the "Butter Stick" it even has a pretty cool buttery kinda look.  My first fly rod was a fiberglass rod way back in the day when I started it was an old fiberglass martin combo that dad had from several years ago and was a great rod to get started fishing several WV waters and just getting my feet wet in fly fishing.  I am a small rod junkie that loves those slow action rods in the 1 to 3wt range.  Redington offers 6 rods in several lengths from 2wt to 5wt actions.  I figured the best choice was the 6'2" 2wt rod. 
They are all 3 piece rods which make them a great size to throw on a backpack for a back country trip.  I have got to test the rod several times for trout then got to hit up the local pond in search of some bluegill and bass and was pleased with the early results.  Thanks to the great work of the local FedEx crew I was able to pick it up on the way to some deep back country brookies and rainbow trout.  First trip I put it through a good workout with several types of flies.  It threw stimulators with ease, but after trying out some bigger flies you could tell one bad draw back was accuracy was sometimes a problem with big patterns.  However it threw a woolybugger decently for a 2wt and got the job done.  Second trip with we were after some brookies and some browns and it called for some nice long accurate casts.  The Butter Stick was up to the test and threw some good loops, ended up losing a couple really good fish that I would have loved to seen how the 2wt responded to in the battle.

The last trip took me to a farm pond and I was able to get some good long casts with a small popper and it even ended up throwing a sneaky pete that the 2wt responded to very favorably.  Overall I love the slow and smooth action of the rod it has some sweet sexy action for sure with some nice flex.  It easily throws a good 30ft cast on the farm pond I ended up getting a good 40ft out of it.  Even though it has some good flex it also has some good backbone and does great fishing a fish with. Overall its a great rod for those small streams especially when chasing brookies and performs great with blue gills and on farm ponds.  The butter stick is a nice little rod looks good has a cool name and preforms like you would hope!  Only drawback may be a little high in price for a small stream rod, but its a great rod for sure!