Monday, December 24, 2012

WVAngler Top 2012 Moments


WVAngler Top 2012 Moments
2012 Was a big year for WVAngler and so many great moments as well as some truly heartbreaking ones as well.  Lots of time spent on the water and with some great people I call family!  Looking back we were just truly blessed to be able to be a part of some of these events and even more blessed to be able to continue to share such a great website with so many.  Below is our top 10 moments of 2012.
10. WVAngler Dinner in Flatwoods - This is always a great time with so many people that attend.  Its nice to kick back with the gang and hear some tall tales and enjoy some good food and fun!
9. Forging some great relationships with some new friends and great companies!  Companies like Vedavoo, The Fly Stop, Vermont Fly Guys, Hook & Hackle & Risen Fly to name a few!
8. Harman's North Fork Invitational - It was an honor being able to be a part of this and watching the team fish (Jonathan Paine and Zach Adkins).  The guys fished amazingly against some pros and a were a fish or two away from really fishing right at the top of the standings. 
7. 10 Different Species on the Fly Rod This Year - I had hoped to make the number a lot higher but missed out on a few species maybe next year the total will be grow beyond that.  This year managed these fish on the fly: brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, largemouth, smallmouth, sunfish, hybrid striped bass, freshwater drum, musky, and fallfish.
6. With a lot of hard work by Jonathan Paine being able to unveil a newly revamped and better than ever!  The new format allows things to be updated so much easier and faster.  And it will allow us to even grow more in the future!
5. Spending some time on the water with so many great WVAngler Famly: Jonathan Paine, Zach Adkins, CD Caldwell, Bubba Holt, Fly Rod Chronicles, Nate Rees, Craig Miller - hopefully I never missed anyone!  Being able to spend share some time on the water with some good friends make a trip that much more special.  Hopefully 2013 brings some more time spent with even more wvanglers on the waters!
4. First Musky on the Fly Rod - Day started being able to give back and help with the Middle Fork of the Williams Bucket Brigade!  Carrying bucket after bucket to help restore a fishery giving back is what its about!  Great day on the water with Jonathan Paine and fishing a Vermont Fly Guys fly I hooked up and put my first musky on the fly in the boat!  Great epic day for a float.
3. The news that the WVAngler family will be growing come 2013!  Guess we will be buying some pink fly rods in the future!
2. The loss of one our our own Eric Workman.  Eric was one of our long time members and one of the best musky fisherman around and a WV State Police Officer.  His life tragically taken while on duty as a WV State Police officer. 
1. Being able to be a part of the Fly Rod Chronicles/Eric Workman Tribute Show.  It was a weekend I will never fully ever forget.  Some epic floats with great friends while we remembered our brother.  Watching Curtis catch some colorful brookies!  Being able to net a Musky for Nate while Wade caught it all on film.  We was able to present Erics parents a 2013 WVAngler of the Year award one of the hardest things I have ever had to do since I created WVAngler.  Can not wait to see this on film the crew did a an awesome job filming and I am sure they will put together an amazing product!