Thursday, December 31, 2015

Top WVAngler Moments of 2015

7.  Finally had the opportunity to help out PPKTU during the Seneca Rocks cleanup.  It's always good being able to give back and clean up our streams!  The Seneca Rocks stretch may lack in fish but it's one of the coolest spots to fish with the rocks as your backdrop! 

6.  It is always a good time when you get to fish new waters and meet fellow WVAnglers on the stream.  Ran into fellow WVAnglers on trout stream, steelhead waters, the mighty Ohio, and even musky waters.  Got the opportunity to meet Casey, Caleb, Mike, Zach, Jonathan, and several others on the water.  Always great running into new fishing buddies!

5.  It is always great being a part of the Eric Workman Memorial Musky Tournament.  The tournament is always a special time that honors a true hero that gave his life protecting others.  This year was another record year for the tournament.

4.  2015 was another good year spent with good diversity with several different fish species on the fly rod.   In total 15 different species on the fly including musky, gar, smallmouth bass, and black crappie.  Had the opportunity to fish several new bodies of water including the New finally and ot a good taste of is smallies.  Also got lucky enough to be able to land one of my personal best brook trout.

3.  2015 had some great fishing moments and a lot of citation fish but one of the most memorable was a personal best Brook trout.  While helping out during the Seneca Rocks cleanup I was able to get in some time on the water.  The area had been slammed with rain so the streams were running pretty high and full, so what better time to break out the streamer box.  With and average size of 10 inches the biggest fish of the day that whacked a woolybugger was a true gem!!

2.  2015 also brought a new fishing buddy into the year.  My wife and I were blessed to be able to welcome our second daughter Isabella Rose into the world in January.

1.  In 2015 I was very lucky to be able to fill in for Scott Hunter of Vedavoo and help man the Vedavoo booth with Joel at the Lancaster Fly Fishing Show.  It was an awesome experience and truly great being able to represent such an awesomely made in the USA product.  Check out their awesome packs and gear a

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